Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the lengths of the courses and workshops?

A: Course offering times are adjusted to whatever works best for our clients. Scheduling can be adapted for multiple full-day, half-day, evening and weekend sessions.  Most of them are 1 - 2 days, however, we can customize the amount of time spent on specific topics and skills to fit the needs of our clients.

Q: Where are the courses and workshops offered?

A: We work with employers to design customized learning and performance development solutions that can be delivered at a site of your choosing. We have found this to be quite a bit less expensive than traveling to see us. We can travel to your site and conduct a workshop for less than it would cost to you to send participants off site.

Q : How much do the courses and workshops cost?

A: The costs vary depending on the content and length of the courses.  Our fee structure is very competitive. We have been successful in serving a diverse group of clients for over 10 years because our fees are, in fact, quite reasonable. Generally, our fees are determined by the number of trainers and the length of training proposed. We'll be happy to give you a quote over the phone.


Q. What are the results you should expect when you invest your training dollars?

A. If you want lasting change, find professionally written, interactive, targeted courses like ours.  Our workshops fully synthesize sound training and coaching principles. After participating in our courses, graduates experience: