We are Dedicated Business Consultants...
Picture of Jeff Jones, Founder of InCompass Learning Solutions

...with a focus on leadership development.  The call of leadership is to develop talent, and our more than 15 years of experience has helped many leaders develop themselves and their organizations. 

Jeff Jones, Founder and CEO of InCompass Learning Solutions, LLC, has built a powerful team of professionals to serve you. InCompass has traveled throughout the world, working with both emerging and experienced leaders. "At InCompass, we have had great success working with a broad range of people — from blue collar workers to leaders in the executive suite," states Jeff.

InCompass has focused solely in the business arena, working as a team of consultants, coaches and facilitators. Various topics, including team building, situational leadership development, creativity, problem solving, conflict resolution, and workplace organization are explored.

Our senior staff are currently certified in over twenty nationally recognized business programs and will address an audience of 1000 people or consult with leaders one-on-one.  We have been successfully working here in the United States as well as Europe, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and China.


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