As an option, InCompass Learning Solutions can blend a wide variety of learning assessment tools into your learning experience.  Backed with years of research, these solid instruments stimulate personal and professional growth while building skills that benefit the organization.

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Career Outplacement - Work Choices: Blended into a career continuation or outplacement curriculum solution

Career Anchors

Career AnchorsThis tool leads the learner to examine potential work choices. The Career Anchors self assessment is developed by Edgar Schein, a well-known author and professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. The learning starts with a 40-item self assessment that pinpoints one’s perceived areas of competence, motives, and values related to work.



Communication Skills & Self Awareness: Blended into a communication skills, leadership, or teambuilding curriculum solution

Personal Style Inventory

Personal Style Inventory The Personal Style Inventory makes identifying and understanding personal style easy. Based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, PSI has helped thousands of people answer the question, “Why do I act the way I do?” This tool helps the participants understand basic type theory.

Conflict Resolution: Blended into a conflict resolution curriculum solution

Conflict Strategies Inventory Second Edition

Conflict Strategies Inventory The Conflict Strategies Inventory Second Edition gives participants valuable new insights into the strategies they use in conflict situations. Presented with 10 short cases of typical, work-related conflict, respondents choose the actions they are most likely to take. Five problem solving “best practices” resolutions are presented and applied to real-life conflict with others.

Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

Kilmann Diagnostics TheTKI has been the leader in conflict resolution assessments for more than thirty years. This instrument works as a catalyst to open discussions on difficult issues and facilitate learning about how conflict-handling modes affect personal, group, and organizational dynamics.

Developing Leadership: Blended into a leadership development curriculum solution

Focused Leader Profile

Focused Leader Profile Book CoverAccording to the well-known work of Fred Fiedler, “The best style of leadership is determined by the situation in which the leader is working.” The Focused Leader Profile - A Situational Approach to Leading Work Groups, adapts Fiedler’s work to the practical concerns of today’s leaders. By examining three critical factors - relationships, task clarity, and power base - this powerful tool helps leaders narrow their focus, analyze work group situations, and then determine how to respond most effectively.

Responsive Leader Questionnaire

Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory is a situational leadership assessment. It measures current skill in managing employees and improves leadership effectiveness by developing supervisory skills, leadership skills, coaching skills, and the ability to motivate employees.



Managing Change: Blended into a change management curriculum solution

Leading Change At Every Level

Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory

This diagnostic tool helps drive home the importance of individual behavior to the success of an overall change effort. A 30-item assessment, Leading Change at Every Level is an excellent way to gently surface behaviors that are counterproductive to change, generating scores in 5 dimensions.

Problem Solving: Blended into a problem solving curriculum solution

Problem Solved Assessment

Problem Solved! Assessment

Problem Solved! is a 25-item assessment providing participants with an easy-to-use, 5-step problem-solving process. By using this process, individuals can identify and monitor their skill level at each step. This process can easily be adapted to the workplace.


Force Field Problem Solving Model

Force Field Problem Solving ModelThis tool, Force Field Problem Solving Model, provides groups with a reliable and systematic framework for solving complex problems. Participants learn a 5–step process to guide them from defining a problem to creating action plans for strategies, and help them make their organizations more productive.