Leadership Courses   
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The call to leadership is to develop talent.  Leaders today need to be well versed in the subtleties and nuances of dealing with people. Our leadership courses can be delivered as written, or we can blend content to meet your specific leadership needs.


Coaching and Mentoring

SuperheroCourse Description:    The keys to leadership effectiveness today is coaching and mentoring.  The old rules of management and supervision simply don’t work with today’s complex workforce. That’s why the most effective leaders in America now rely on the power of coaching and mentoring to lead their teams to success. This skill-packed course, Coaching and Mentoring, is guaranteed to build the participant’s know-how with these all-important leadership skills.

Communication Excellence

First Place RibbonCourse Description:    Speaking clearly, using proper communication skills, and knowing the importance of non-verbal cues all play vital roles in clear communication between people in organizations. This course studies the impact of questions and how to ask them properly.  Participants understand why communication fails and what it takes to make it work.  Most organizations do a great job of training their managers and employees in on-the-job skills, but completely overlook interpersonal skills training. No other single investment you can make will give you the kind of ROI you'll receive from training your team in the art and science of Communication Excellence.

Leadership Excellence

Business SuccessCourse Description:    This program allows for in-depth discussion and application of the top leadership strategies. Using large and small group discussion as well as self-assessment, peer coaching and action planning, participants gain a clear understanding of what is needed to build effective teams and to optimize their own leadership. A real-life approach is taken to solve problems and develop “people” solutions.