Professional Enrichment

Everyone should take the opportunity to grow in place.  As individual contributors, it’s our responsibility to learn new skills and improve ourselves. Personal and professional benefits can be immediately realized after applying these practical tips. 


Becoming Assertive

Course Description: This course examines different behaviors and their effects on other people. The goal of this course is to prepare participants when handling potentially difficult situations.  The key behaviors are effectiveness, assurance and confidence. As a result of attending the course, participants should be able to: Explain the differences between submissive, aggressive and assertive behavior,   practice the skills of assertiveness and apply different assertiveness techniques in a variety of different situations.

Dealing with Change

Course Description: This course provides practical, actionable advice on RedDice with words yes, no, maybehow to effectively kick-off or accelerate an organization’s Change Management strategy. Participants will learn about best practices around Change and Change Management and explore the specifics of a variety of real-world case studies. The facilitator also leads group discussions to assess the work environment, and explore how to develop best practices and identify gaps. Finally, participants walk through recommendations, identify areas for further investigation, and highlight the most effective next steps for their Change Management strategy.

Dealing with Difficult People

Course Description:   In this course, participants learn techniques and strategies that allow them to handle difficult conversations and difficult people with skill and confidence.  Participants are engaged in practical and interactive discussions, exercises, and role plays that will change the way they see and respond to difficult people and difficult situations.  Participants are given opportunities to practice these learned skills in a variety of contexts so that the skills can become second nature.