Team Interaction

NSEW Compass

A team is only as strong as its weakest link.  At InCompass Learning Solutions, we have designed opportunities and workshop challenges that promote healthy team growth.  Problem solving, conflict resolution and understanding the dynamics of team communication are a few of the key issues explored.


Collaborate or Die

man with dart boardCourse Description:    Participants learn and apply new collaboration and negotiating skills immediately to real-world life situations.  The course examines the participant’s current negotiating challenges.  New frameworks and capabilities are practiced that can be used throughout the participant’s career.  A combination of group work and personal skill modules are practiced.  Feedback is delivered on an individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses in negotiating. Participants practice new negotiating skills with different partners in a wide variety of situations.

Conflict Resolution

Boxing GlovesCourse Description:    This course will apply proven problem-solving skills to work toward achieving conflict resolution using lecture, group exercises and discussions.  This course will help the participants apply the problem solving model to conflicts between individuals. They will understand how to gather the appropriate information needed to resolve a conflict.  Learn how to identify negative power acts and anger styles and identify the difference between conflict, anger, and violence. Understanding these essentials can then be applied to outcomes needed to achieve effective conflict resolution in the workplace and create “win-win” solutions.

Experiential Team Building

Tug Of WarCourse Description: Participants learn the key elements and dynamics that make up a high performance work team.  Hands-on learning through team experiences are offered throughout the program.  Personality assessments, conflict management and team communication skills are investigated and stressed.