What People Are Saying ...

Rick Fenwick, Ph.D., Fenwick Koller Associates

"It has been my pleasure to have worked with Jeff Jones over the past several years. We primarily worked together to deliver training and consulting on team concept within the automotive industry. Jeff is a professional who brings his best effort to every job he does. He forms and sustains an excellent rapport with the people he works with and serves.

"He performs his services at a high level of excellence at all times. He has a willingness to share his knowledge and expertise with others while also being receptive to their knowledge and expertise. He is a team player. Jeff has a wonderful disposition and has a positive influence on all. He was a frequently requested consultant/trainer by clients. Sustaining repeat business over a period of time is an indicator of excellence. I highly recommend Jeff’s services."


Bev Kaye, CEO, Career Systems International

"Jeff Jones is a superb all-around professional in the training/consulting business.  He’s worked with me for about five years and has always 'delivered' on every assignment.  I have been impressed by his energy and genuine passion for this kind of work.  Jeff is authentic and knowledgeable ... and if he doesn’t know the answer to a question – he’ll let you know and then find out.

"Jeff always does his homework.  I’ve never see him take an assignment for granted and not do the requisite research and planning that makes each client feel that he truly understands their business landscape.

"Jeff has a great sense of humor and uses it well in his presentations.  His audience responds well and his stories make his content come alive.

 "I’d have no hesitation recommending Jeff for any training or consulting assignment."