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Training Development and Delivery 

First, we need to understand how we can best serve you. We use on-site visits, focus groups, observation, and research to understand your needs. Before delivering a customized training workshop for you, clarification of content, audience, structure, and evaluation of the intended training is understood. From half-day content rich workshops, to year-long corporate projects, InCompass spends the needed time to establish a successful partnership with each client. If training is not warranted in your situation - we let you know up front and help you develop practical alternatives.    

           Business Meeting in Office

Performance Coaching

Sometimes a training intervention is not the answer. Strategic coaching can benefit the entire organization. A performance coaching relationship is facilitating an environment that enables our clients to shed their masks and focus on what really counts in their work and life commitments. Through Performance Coaching, clients are led and challenged to go beyond their safety zones, to step out of routine and complacent ways of working, and encouraged to develop a "New Normal" for themselves.

Performance Coaching offers ways to train, consult, inspire and challenge. It facilitates future options in a world of constant change. Our coaches are Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts (CPBA) and Certified Professional Values Analysts (CPVA). We help business owners, leaders and teams determine the future direction of the organizations they lead.

Contact our learning solutions staff today to explore how we can work together to build your next success story.